16+1+1 Port AI PoE Switch 7905

Product Code:    7905


Instruction manual

《User Manual》mainly introduce 7905 hardware feature, installment method, and attention items.

Including these sections:

The first section of the product introduction. Mainly introduce POE switch function, feature, and appearance. The second section product installment. Guide POE switch hardware installment method and attention items. The third section hardware connection. Guide POE switch connection with other devices and attention items.

The fourth section: technical specification.

Declare: In order to avoid device, is damaged and personal injury, please carefully read the user manual correlation content.


Part pictures are diagrammatic drawing, the picture can exist difference with the product. The icon reminds the attention items if the incorrect operation can cause the device is damaged

The first section Product Introduction

1.1Product Profile

7905 is AI POE switch, 16 10/100Mbps POE port with1Gigabit combo port. 7905 can carry power to IP camera, wireless AP, wireless bridge, IP phone. 7905 is with 4 working mode, In AI VLAN mode, 1 -16 ports are isolated from each other, which can effectively restrain network storms and improve network performance. In AI Extend mode, the effective transmission distance of 1-8 ports can reach 250 meters, which is suitable for remote monitoring and power supply. In the AI power supply mode, the switch automatically detects the working status of the PD device and finds that the device abnormal automatically restarts the device. In AI QOS mode: the video data will be processed preferentially when the device is congested to make the video smoother TV-AI6016 support IEEE802.3af/at, auto-identification power device, so don’t worry it will destroy the private standard POE or non-POE device.

1.2 Package content

Opening packing box, please carefully check the following content

Content Quantity Declaration
POE switch One piece \
Power cord One piece Supply power
Bracket Two piece Rack mounted
User manual One piece Install guide

1.3 Product Appearance

  • Front panel

Including indicator light, RJ45 port, DIP switch, SFP port, the picture is as follow:

Indicator light

7905 indicator light working information is as follow:

LED Name Color Working states Declaration
POWER Power LED Red ON power normally
Off Don’t have power、power switch doesn’t turn on, power abnormal
LINK/ACT (17) Device connection LED Green blink Corresponding already connect normally
Off Corresponding port don’t connect normally
  • RJ45 Port

7905 support 16 port 10/100Mbps,IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at standard POE supply power. When working mode is Extend mode, port1-port 8 can support 250m supply power

7905 is with two 10/100/1000Mbps combo port, use 17, indicator light in common

  • SFP Port

7905 is with one gigabit SFP port(SFP1), use for gigabit SFP module.

  • Working mode key

AI Extend: 1-8 port supports 250M meters long distance power supply (recommended cat 5 or above)

AI VLAN:Isolating ports 1-16 from each other, restrain network storms effectively and improve network performance

AI QOS:Prioritize the identified video data to make video transmission smoother

AI PoE: Automatic detection power of port, power off and restart the device if find

  • Rear panel

 Including:Power socket、power switch、ground terminal

  • Power socket

The connection power cord to POE switch 7905 power supply is AC100-240V~50/60Hz.

  • Ground terminal

Please use guideline ground connection, in case of lighting stroke. In order to avoid the product, sustain lighting stroke and extend using lifetime.

The second section product install

1.1 Install attention items

Attention:Avoid incorrect using caused device is damaged and personal injury, please carefully read the following of attention items

  • The install safety attention items
  • During install make sure power supply keep turn off states, put on anti-static wrist, guarantee the anti-static wrist have good touch with skin, avoiding the potential safety loophole;
  • POE switch can work normally under the correct power supply, please confirm the supply power voltage corresponds with the marked voltage;
  • Before POE switch supply power, please confirm it won’t cause power supply circuit overload, for fear that affecting POE switch work normally, even cause unnecessary destroy;
  • Avoiding electric shock dangerous, please don’t open the casing when POE switch work, even if without power condition, don’t open the casing too;
    • Before clean POE switch should pull out power plug,  please don’t use wet cloth scrub, please don’t use liquid cleaning;
  • Temperature Humidity

In order to ensure PoE switch long-term steady operation, extend using lifetime, please maintenance a certain temperature and humidity. too high or too low environment humidity easier to cause insulation material electric leakage, variant, even metal parts rusting, high temperature speeds up insulation material aging processing, seriously affect device use lifetime. The POE switch working temperature and storage temperature/ humidity is as follow:

Environment Description Temperature relative humidity
Working environment 0℃~40℃ 10%~90% RH
non condensing
Storage environment -40℃~70℃ 5%~90% RH
non condensing


The product is with this icon just only use for the less than elevation 2000m area safety using.

  • Dustproof

Dustfall over POE switch surface can cause electrostatic adsorption, make a metal connection point poor touch. Although the product makes a certain measure of anti-static when static electricity exceeds a certain strength, still destroy component parts of the PCB, in order to avoid static electricity, affect product work normally, please pay attention to the items as follow:

regularly clean dust, keep indoor air cleaning; ensure device ground good, guarantee static electricity transfer smoothly

  • Electromagnetic interference

Electromagnetic interference can affect the device internal capacitance, inductance, in order to reduce electromagnetic interference factor, cause an adverse effect, please pay attention to the following of items:

Supply power system adopt necessary anti-power grid interference measure; PoE switch should be far away from high-frequency power, high current device, such as wireless launch pad; If necessary, please make electromagnetic shielding measure

  • Lighting protection requirement

When lightning strikes, at the moment will have a strong current, the air on the discharge path will be instantly heated to 20000 Celsius degrees, in the moment high current enough to cause fatal damage to electronic equipment.
In order to reach a better lightning protection effect, please note the following:

Make sure the rack is in good touch with the ground; Make sure the power socket is in good touch with the ground;

Reasonable wiring to avoid internal lightning; Outdoor wiring, it is recommended to use signal lightning protector;

  • Installation platform requirement 

POE switch is installed in a rack or on another horizontal workbench,
Please note the following:

Make sure rack or workbench smooth and steady, secure, it can bear 5.5kg weight at least; Make sure the rack has a good cooling system, or keep indoor well-ventilated; Make sure the rack is well grounded, power socket and POE switch don’t exceed 1.5meter

  • Installation tools ready

During installation, may be used screwdrivers, antistatic wrist strap, network cable, fiber tools, please the user self-prepare.

2.2 Product Installation

The 7905 is designed for 13-inch case support desktop mounting or rack-mountable via a bracket. The desktop mounting tries to ensure the switch can be placed horizontally. The installation needs to ensure that the switch is not squeezed to ensure good heat dissipation.

The specific installation steps for rack installation are as follows:

  1. check the rack grounding and stability;
  2. two pieces L type bracket differentiate install to the two sides of POE switch panel and fix with screw
  3. Put POE switch on the appropriate location of the rack, crutch by a bracket; using the L-shaped bracket to fix the two sides of the rack with a screw, make sure the POE switch is installed on the rack smooth and steady.


The rack has well-grounded is the important guarantee of anti-static, anti-leakage, lightning protection, anti-interference, so make sure the rack ground wired is properly installed; The rack-mounted device generally from down to up, avoid overload installation; Don’t put heavy things on the POE switch, in case happen accident;
Make sure cooling and air ventilation

The third section hardware connection

3.1 Connection RJ45 port

Using Ethernet cable connect POE switch to the RJ45 port of the opposite end network device,port17, port 18 is uplink port, other is downlink port, default the POE switch’s downlink port already open POE power function, it can send power to IP camera, wireless AP, wireless bridge.


When POE switch is connected to a workstation, server, router, or other Ethernet devices, the Ethernet cable length cannot more than 100meter; The Ethernet RJ45 port Auto-MDI/MDIX function default open, when adopting Cat.5 cable to connect Ethernet network, both standard Ethernet cable, and crossover Ethernet cable can be used;
Don’t use RJ45 port to connect telephone cable.

3.2 Connection SFP port

7905 SFPport just only supports the gigabit SFP module. Suggestion to use the standard SFP module.

The process of POE switch install SFP module is as follow:

  1. Hold the SFP module from the side, insert it smoothly along with the SFP port slot of POE switch, until the SFP module is close touch with POE switch;
  2. When connection, please confirm SFP module RX and Tx port, the side of fiber optic corresponding insert Rx and Tx port, make sure Tx and Rx port connection correctly, another side of fiber connect to another device;
  3. after powered,please check the corresponding indicator light status. If light is on, show the link already connect normally, light is off, show the link is blocked. Please check circuit, confirm the opposite end device already start using.


  • Do not over-bend the fiber, the radius of curvature should not be less than 10cm;
  • Make sure the cleanliness of the fiber surface;
  • Please do not look directly at the fiber optical connector, otherwise, it can cause eye damage.

3.3 Inspection Before powered

Please check if power socket supply power is corresponding the specification or not;
Please check if power supply, POE switch, rack already grounded correctly or not;
Please check if PoE switch normally connect with other network equipment or not;

3.4 Device initialization

After powered after turn on the power, the POE switch will automatically initialization.
The indicator light will appear the following of the situation; After powered, the power indicator light always keeps ON, the other indicator lights OFF. After around two-second, except power indicator light, the other indicator light ON around two seconds, then OFF; Each port indicator light indicates the connection status of each port, it shows the POE switch starts work normally.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

4.1 hardware specification

Standard IEEE 802.3i IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.3x
IEEE 802.3ab   IEEE 802.3af IEEE 802.3at
Port 16 10/100Mbps RJ45 port
1 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port
1 gigabit SFP port
PoE 16 10/100Mbps RJ45 PoE port
Total power budget: 150W
Single port max. 30W
Indicator 17 Link/Act indicator light
16 POE indicator light
1 Power indicator light
Performance forwarding mode:storage forwarding
Backplane bandwidth:5.2Gbps
Packet forwarding rate:3.868Mpps
Support 16K MAC address list depth
Input power 100-240V/50-60Hz


4.2 Features

  • Port 1-Port 8 support 250m long-distance supply power (suggestion using Cat.5 or above network cable)
  • Support One key VLAN, port1-port16 mutual isolation, can affect suppress network storm, promotion network performance
  • Support IEEE802.3af/at standard, automatically identify IEEE802.3af/at standard device and supply power
  • Support uplink port auto MDI/MDIX;
  • Adopt storage forwarding;
  • Smart powered, the lowest power dissipation, guarantee PD power requirement;
  • With power circuit protection function can protect back-end device safety;
  • Zero configuration power supply can auto provide the self-adapting device;
  • Without fan design, saving energy and protection environment; without noise, reduction the effect of the environment;
  • Compact, delicate designed
  • Support port without link saving power function;
  • All of the port has link speed forwarding ability
  • Plug and play, no need configuration, easy to use.