Why do we need IP CCTV

Why DO We Need IP CCTV?



IP CCTV means Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television which is a digital video camera that records live footage. It is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via the internet. It provides 24/7 surveillance to properties or wherever it is installed. It uses the Wi-Fi to send the notifications wherever you are so that you are alarmed. It enables easy access to video data from networked cameras and can be accessed remotely from home or anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection including mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers. Digital footage can also be quickly reviewed by local or external sources like monitoring station staff or the police.  They can record at a higher resolution which means zooming in won’t create a blurry image but can create a very clear picture indeed.

Now let us see the Advantages of IP CCTV:

  • IP CCTV provides superior image quality.
  • It offers great expansion and wireless opportunities.
  • They have easy access means they relay the video feed over a network automatically and gets stored securely on a cloud platform.
  • It has an easy setup process.
  • IP CCTV systems are mostly going to be the future of CCTVs.


Need For IP CCTV:


In today’s life, there is definitely a need for such IP CCTV systems. IP CCTV can record a vast amount of footage. Nowadays there is no need to employ someone to watch the footage all time because there is actually no need for it. These cameras record everything and when there is a need at that time you can check the footage. Mostly you need to check the footage when a crime or robbery happens. This software will notify you and make you alert with alarm. This then gives you the ability to check your cameras and see what’s going on and allow you to decide what steps to take next. The installation systems are also very hassling free. Just you need to simply plug-in and get everything up and running as within a matter of minutes. To access the cameras on other devices, you just need to download the software which will take just a few moments for it.

IP CCTV will keep a 24/7 watch without the need to hire any extra security guard. Also when burglars try to enter the premises, they will hear the alarm and will soon try to escape as soon as possible. It has a better resolution which enables you to see a quality image that can zoom in on faces. Mostly this is ideal for catching criminal activities.  Also nowadays such IP CCTV systems are necessary for residential areas too. Criminal activities are increasing these days and so to keep the residential areas safe there is a need to install proper IP CCTV systems to record everything and to check the footage when needed. These systems are available for both indoor and outdoor use with both day and night functions and also it has the ability to pan or zoom either remotely or via operator command. Also to keep running old systems it costs more and also with time these old systems become more unreliable so it’s better to upgrade with new systems like IP CCTV. Even the presence of IP CCTV is enough for the burglars to think twice before entering any premises of your properties or shops. Also, these systems are necessary for public places because they ensure public safety. Through these systems, the police can prevent crimes from happening and also quickly sov criminal cases with materialistic evidence.



IP CCTV systems are certainly a high-tech security system with high resolution, convenience, compact, flexible, and cost-effective. Also, it’s superior and can count on the reliability and durability of the system. The biggest benefit of these systems is their flexibility which allows the footage to be viewed from a far distance too. All that is required is just a healthy internet connection to access the footage of the remote surveillance system by making this method incredibly convenient.

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