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Usage of Pulse Oximeter to Check COVID Affected Individual

To begin with, let us first know what actually is Pulse Oximeter and how it plays a vital role in the current COVID-19 situation.

The device is used to measure oxygen levels in the blood and is also recommended for The Pulse Oximeter is used to check the health of patients who have known conditions that may affect blood oxygen levels and for those who show symptoms such as shortness of breath. the early detection of “COVID Pneumonia” which means a deadly condition seen amongst the most severe coronavirus cases.  The device measures the saturation of oxygen in red blood cells and also can be attached to a person’s fingers, toes, ears, or forehead. It can be reused or disposed of after the use. It helps the healthcare provider to make a decision about whether a person needs extra oxygen or not.

After masks, sanitizers & disinfectants, now Pulse Oximeter is also going out of stock. There has been a sudden spike in the demand for this tiny weight device in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The reason is that it can measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood which helps in detecting the coronavirus infection.

Pulse Oximeter is typically clipped over a finger or toe or ear too and it transmits light from sensors on one side of the device through the body part to sensors on the other side. In 15 seconds it calculates how much oxygen is being transported through the person’s bloodstream and displays the results as a percentage. According to the doctors, reading of 94 percent and higher are treated to be normal and low levels of oxygen in the blood can lead to low levels of oxygen in the tissue & organs which can lead to death. As shortness of breath is considered a key symptom of coronavirus infection, people are using a Pulse Oximeter to detect the level of oxygen in their blood.

As Pulse Oximeter helps to identify the deadly condition in COVID-19 Patients, the demand for it has been increased to help save more lives. By using this device, those who have COVID-19 or those who suspected of having it can check their oxygen levels early on. A fall in oxygen levels can serve as a signal for seeking additional medical treatment immediately and not wait for a coronavirus test.

So to conclude, the Pulse Oximeter can surely help to detect the oxygen levels in the blood. But it is not right to depend on this completely as far as coronavirus infection is concerned. One of the reasons is that the oxygen level in people decreases to a dangerous level only when the condition becomes severe. It comes long after the initial symptoms like high fever and dry cough. So, a pulse Oximeter is not an accurate machine to determine the COVID19 infection but it can alarm you to seek medical help early before it’s too late.

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