How to Secure Your DVR or NVR?

How to Secure Your DVR or NVR?

When you buy a CCTV camera surveillance system for your business or house, a major question that arises is where you should keep the Network Video Recorder or Digital video Recorder. Nowadays, thieves target NVR/DVR boxes, which are the actual hub of footage and the most crucial part of CCTV camera security systems, to destroy the proof of crime at the crime scene.

Before finding the perfect spot to hide your DVR/NVR box, you must take care of the wiring, ventilation and safety of the box itself from non-human hazards.

Here are the most common yet efficient storage spaces of the NVR/DVR boxes-

Putting them into the Attic or the ceiling, so that it is out of intruders reach. You might need to rewire your attic for the same.

Placing them on the highest shelf in a closet of clothes, covered with them or into a bookshelf, mixed in between the pile of books in your own little library might be a place where no one would look for. Many of the CCTV camera suppliers provide special cabinets with highly secured locks.

Many users of CCTV camera security systems use fake walls, basements or crawl spaces in their houses which has proven to increase the subtle security of NVR/DVR boxes. Some users in countries in the USA build their own DVR storage boxes, knowing that NVR/DVR storage are the heart of their CCTV camera surveillance system.

What are the other methods?

Decoy DVR/NVR boxes is like super ninja technique to fool and intruder or any other wrong party. Getting an extra empty box or an old non-working NVR/DVR from any store, which looks like an actual NVR/DVR can do the part to deceive the invaders.

Most of the intruders simply track down the wires or cables connected to your hub station. Securing wires becomes a necessity, so that a thief can’t cut the CCTV camera connection to the NVR? DVR. CCTV camera dealers are experienced in these kind of jobs. Based on your housing structure, they can provide solutions to your electrician to complete the wiring in the most secure way.

The above methods had a huge loopwhole of having cables getting tracked. CCTV camera manufacturers came up with the technology where NVR? DVR storage is WIFI based, eliminating the presence of wires, meanwhile making them mobile/movable. Other methods of securing your NVR/DVR is to actually get a backup to a NVS or your personal FTP servers, or you can add extra motion triggered camera near the NVR box to record the thieves, if you can’t find a perfect solution from the above discussed methods.

The above solutions might seem costly, and to be honest, they are a bit costly, but all are one time investments. And to be properly secured, open minded one time investments to such practices can provide a lifetime of tight security.

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