How to choose aright Security camera system according to your need & surrounding?

CCTV security system is important for residential & commercial buildings to prevent crimes, offenses, and robbery. Nowadays CCTVs are available at budget-friendly rates and the camera varies depending on your needs and recording environment. CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a security camera fixed to one monitoring system.

Factors to consider before choosing a CCTV according to your need and surrounding.

1)Camera Selection:

For a Camera selection, there are three things to be kept in mind. They are as follows:

Location – Whether the camera is used for an indoor or outdoor cause is very essential to consider before selecting a camera. If the camera is used for outdoor purposes then it is very essential to ensure that the camera is suitable for the environmental conditions that are likely to experience such as rain, snow, sun-glare, low light, etc.

 Light levels – For an effectual security system, it is very essential to choose the right camera based on the quantity of available light.

Wired or Wireless Camera – Wired or Wireless CCTV cameras are also to be examined while selecting a security camera setup. A wireless camera is easier to install when compared to the wired ones.

2)Recording Options:

While choosing a Security camera it is very important to consider the recording options in the Security camera. The recording options in Security cameras can mainly be classified into three types; Domestic VCR, Domestic DVD Recorder, and Standalone Digital Video Recorders. The easy and low-cost recording options that can provide superior quality footage record comes in Domestic VCR. If you need higher quality digital recording, high storage capacity, and enhanced search and retrieval capability then a Domestic DVD recorder can be used. If you are looking for Storage Capacity and consistent quality recording, then Standalone Digital Video Recorders would be great.


PIR Movement Detectors and Video Motion Detection are the two main event-led recorders, capturing appropriate footages. In the case of external use, PIR movement recognition is recommended rather than video motion detection.

4)Time and Date Stamping:

The time and date feature in Security Camera Setup will help to identify the event occurred and recorded, particularly if the footage is to be used for evidential purposes.

5)Cable and Connectors:

The cables, wires, and connectors in a Security camera setup can be connected in a variety of ways. The camera can site up to 250m apart from the monitor or recording device if it is connected to a coaxial cable with a local power supply.

6)Camera Protection:

 The camera should be protected from troublemakers if they are used for accumulating evidence or targeted for vandal acts.

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