cctv camera buying guide

CCTV Camera Buying Guide

A security camera is a  primarily important investment for your residence or place where you are not physically present all the time, to keep an eye on what’s happening there. Today, there are multiple options to choose from. With that said, finding the correct security camera for your home or organization can be a challenging task. Having a better understanding of the different types of security cameras available and seeing how the various features align with your lifestyle will allow you to make an informed decision and keep your home or organization safe.

We are trueview one of the best security camera manufacturers and dealers. We provide all the types of security cameras for your home and organizational needs with a variety of different products that are very beneficial for getting an idea for buying any security cameras.

Here are 10 important things you should know before buying any security camera:

  1. Size

Today size is an important factor for buying any CCTV camera. Small size and slim camera are easy to install anywhere and also point in any direction.

The small cameras also fit where no one can see and think its insure area and do a wrong activity,  this is also helping us to catch this activity by using small cameras.

  1. Application Support

The modern security system cameras come with apps where you can check footage on your computer or phone anytime and anywhere. Connecting the cameras to your app is not always simple, with some cameras doing a better job at syncing everything together properly and sending you notifications without any issue. So this is also an important factor keep in mind while buying CCTV camera.

  1. Storage

There are different storage options or recorders available for better recording. More storage space is good to store a large amount of data internally and also modern cameras come with cloud storage. Most cameras have an additional storage plan so that any motion detection events are recorded and stored on cloud storage.

  1. Cost

Considering cost, There are upfront costs such as the camera itself, as well as installation fees for the overall system. So cost may vary in all these factors like cameras, equipment or materials used for fitting and installation. From these factors plan your cost within budget and unlock all the features of your needs.

  1. Motion Detection

Motion detection will alert or notify you whenever a specified area has movement. Whether it be a delivery man, vandals, or animals or any range you provide. Some cameras have motion detection of only 90 degrees, and some up to 270 degrees. Some outdoor cameras come with lights that will be activated whenever it detects motion. Motion boundaries can be set on some cameras, from different ranges. So Motion detections are also necessary to be in cameras today.

  1. Resolution

The resolution depends on the quality of output. That level of resolution takes up a lot of bandwidth and storage space. Range of resolution in security cameras generally ranges from 480p to 1080p, which is much better for seeing detail.

  1. Low Light Performance.

Dimly lit areas won’t activate the night vision capabilities, and generally, they require a camera that has a wide aperture. A wide aperture allows the camera to absorb more light from dimly lit areas, so instead of just seeing shadows and barely discernible features, you’ll actually see more details and you will better be able to identify what is happening.

  1. Night Vision

Night vision cameras are extremely useful if you want 24/7 monitoring. Most security cameras offer a form of night vision for clear recording in day and night. Its also very useful for people who live in rural areas or anywhere that nocturnal animals roam, like raccoons so you can be sure what is making those noises and knocking things over by your house. Night vision camera is very important to have better monitoring all the time.

  1. Field of View

Field of view or we can say area covered by a camera to capture. Today on the vast majority of cameras range from 90 degrees up to 140 degrees. If you want to keep tabs on your backyard or a very large room, then you’ll want a larger field of view cameras to better monitor the entire area. If you just want to monitor the front porch or entryway, then a narrower field of view will be all you need.

  1. Source of power

If you’re a handyman or have a professional installer, then wiring your security system directly into a power line will allow you to place your cameras anywhere without the eyesore of power cords. Battery powered security cameras are easy to set up and easy to place anywhere you want them, but may need frequent battery changes. You’ll have a constant power source with cameras that can be plugged into outlets, but they’ll need to be placed near an outlet, and their power cords can be an eyesore.

All above 10 important guides you should least consider while buying CCTV camera. For more detailed please visit our website  and see all the different products which are covered above factors for better security.

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